D. & P. srl, a private company founded in 2001, reacquired in 2018 and totally renewed with an experienced team and new technologies to manage flawlessly and completely transport and logistics requests in Import and Export. With over 20 years of experience D. & P. is the perfect global logistics partner for companies

Specialized in international air sea and shipments with additional services as ground transport and logistics support including temperature controlled storage.
Our services follow the complete pathway, from customer order, warehouse management, shipment preparation, goods pick up, and transport documentation on customer behalf, accounting- Invoice status for a broad support when you need it with only one point of contact… fast and simple.
Thanks to the consolidated relations with the main maritime and air carriers throughout the world, we can meet any request in terms of volumes and delivery times, easily and safely

We can meet your requirements, from courier services to industrial transport with groupage or complete, both nationally and internationally because we belong to a continental network.
Providing solutions and quotes for any type of goods to be shipped, using Flat Rack, Open Top, Break Bulk containers and much more by sea, up to the rental of entire planes by air with expertise and professionalism.
Speed and competitive prices in export and in import thanks to our collaboration with Northern Italy airports and major customs operators for fast clearance and delivery of goods. Export and Import freight tailored services with our vehicle fleet for a fast and prioritized approach.
We cooperate with large ground transporters allowing us to offer national and European truck services, at advantageous prices and daily shuttles for France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England and Scandinavia, the major European community countries.

For other countries we have a convenient standard scheduling with two departures per week in export supported by our personnel and fleet to guarantee traceability everywhere anytime.

Economy, flexibility and speed